do you believe that the world will end in 2017 ?

Back in 2012, Mayan prophecy predict the world will end on Dec. 21 2012, but
we’re still here.


So what is the point of this crap ? So many people out there are obsessed about this
and living underground to survive. if you watched that lame tv show Doomsday Preppers, which is really dumb show ever and they are totally lost their mind. All they just sold
their homes, cars, and everything to saved their lives from doomsday, but they just sit
underground doing nothing at all and nothing happens!

Seriously people, don’t be stupid.

Baba Vanga – A blind bulgarian prophecies
Harold Camping – numerious failed doomsday predictions
Heaven’s Gate – Hale-Bopp Comet failed

so what do you believe in ? Leave your comment below. 🤔

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